Be Your Own Advocate
It was the day of my father’s surgery. As expected, we all were apprehensive, most of all, my father. With the pre-op procedures underway, the nurse prepared to administer the anestesia. Thankfully my father asked which medication they were planning on using. You see, my father was what I call an active participant in life. […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘Be Your Own Advocate’
7 Ways to Make Your Customers Swoon Over You
Startups can turn out to be spectacularly successful, so long as, potential pain points are addressed. What are some key pain points of a startup? Your product isn’t up to par. Your marketing might not be compelling enough. You look at customer service as something that is outsourceable. There’s obviously many more, but the common […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘7 Ways to Make Your Customers Swoon Over You’