9 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
Here’s what I don’t understand: almost everyone wants to be successful but most simply aren’t willing to do the necessary work. The secret of success isn’t even a secret anymore but still almost no one gets it; it’s as if there is a pile of cash sitting and waiting for you to touch; but for […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘9 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs’
On Ageism
“Sequoia focuses on younger entrepreneurs because people over 30 aren’t innovative.” – Douglas Leone, General Partner at Sequoia Capital Innovation in technology has rapidly lowered the barrier of entry to doing a web startup. In the past, one would need to raise a multimillion dollar Series A round just to get a working prototype. Today […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘On Ageism’
Where have all the H-1B Applications gone?
Most of you will think that the title is an attempt at fear mongering with regards to outsourcing. It’s not at all. Rather, I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention yet another example of how our economy is suffering. Applications for the H-1B visa, the non-immigrant visa that so many tech companies rely on to […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘Where have all the H-1B Applications gone?’