Be Your Own Advocate
It was the day of my father’s surgery. As expected, we all were apprehensive, most of all, my father. With the pre-op procedures underway, the nurse prepared to administer the anestesia. Thankfully my father asked which medication they were planning on using. You see, my father was what I call an active participant in life. […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘Be Your Own Advocate’
In a Startup: It’s About The People
Since founding Reputely, I’ve thought about my own personal values and motivations for doing a startup and what I’d like to see the culture of Reputely evolve into one day. What people often don’t realize is that the single hardest part of any startup is: people. This presents itself in a number of different ways, […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘In a Startup: It’s About The People’
How I Launched My MVP: Reputely
Background My mother recently passed away. I never would’ve expected to be 20 years old and have my only living relative be my 95 year old grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. But, I’ll save my life story for another post. With any transformative event, there’s an ending, followed by neutrality, and then a beginning. During […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘How I Launched My MVP: Reputely’
9 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
Here’s what I don’t understand: almost everyone wants to be successful but most simply aren’t willing to do the necessary work. The secret of success isn’t even a secret anymore but still almost no one gets it; it’s as if there is a pile of cash sitting and waiting for you to touch; but for […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘9 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs’
The Biggest Successes Are Often Bred From Failures
The following is a video and transcript of a talk Randy Komisar, KPCB partner, gave at Stanford University back in 2004. I highly recommend that anyone interested in entrepreneurship reads his book, The Monk and the Riddle: The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. I always tell people that what distinguishes Silicon Valley is not […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘The Biggest Successes Are Often Bred From Failures’
Questions for Jeff Bezos
What do you say to Kindle users who like to read in the bathtub? I’ll tell you what I do. I take a one-gallon Ziploc bag, and I put my Kindle in my one-gallon Ziploc bag, and it works beautifully. It’s much better than a physical book, because obviously if you put your physical book […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘Questions for Jeff Bezos’
Where have all the H-1B Applications gone?
Most of you will think that the title is an attempt at fear mongering with regards to outsourcing. It’s not at all. Rather, I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention yet another example of how our economy is suffering. Applications for the H-1B visa, the non-immigrant visa that so many tech companies rely on to […] Continue reading ➝ – ‘Where have all the H-1B Applications gone?’